KRAKEN: A Privacy-Preserving Data Market for Authentic Data

Aktivität: Vortrag oder PräsentationVortrag bei Konferenz oder FachtagungScience to science


Data marketplaces are online platforms that provide a way for individuals to monetize their (personal) data. In traditional data marketplaces, the data is uploaded to the marketplace platform in plain-text. Since the broker has access to all data, such marketplaces are risk to the users' privacy. We present a privacy-preserving marketplace that allows data owners to keep control over their data. We use secure multi-party computation to enable data consumers to evaluate expressive functions on a set of data. In our marketplace, the broker has neither access to the data nor the results of a function evaluation. Furthermore, our design ensures data-origin authenticity and enables data owners to define data-usage policies that are enforced by the computation nodes. In addition to the architecture of this private marketplace, we discuss a reference implementation. We also provide an evaluation of our approach, demonstrating its practicability.
Zeitraum9 Dez. 2022
Ereignistitel2022 International Conference on Emerging Networking Experiments and Technologies: CoNEXT 2022
OrtRom, ItalienAuf Karte anzeigen