Modification of meso- substituted Aryl-Tin Porphyrins towards higher Solubilities

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Tin porphyrins are very well known in literature. Due to their photocatalytic activity, tin porphyrins can be utilized in a variety of applications spanning from medicine to environmental technologies. One example is the application of group 14 metal porphyrins in bulk-hetero-junction solar cells as depicted by previous work done in our working group. Limiting factor is however the poor solubility of the used m-tetraphenylporphyrins in common organic solvents. Therefore, our aim is to study the trend of solubility by introducing different alkyl-groups (Me, n-Bu, t-Bu) to m-tetraphenylporphyrin and compare them to m-tetraalkylporphyrins (n-Bu). However, for applications in solar cells m-tetraphenylporphyrin are favorable due to their conjugated pi-system.
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