Online Monitoring and Experimental Investigation of Methane Utilization Along Anode Supported SOFCs

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The operating conditions of the tested SOFC such as temperature, steam to carbon ratio and kind of reforming (internal and external reforming) were varied to identify their influence on the methane utilization process and on online monitoring measurement results. To investigate the influence of different operating parameters on the methane utilization process, large planar anode supported cells with an active area of 80 cm² were used. We applied temperature measurements, voltage and current monitoring as well as electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) measurements. In addition to Nyquist plots, the distribution of relaxation times (DRT) spectra are calculated since it is a promising tool to identify processes of electrochemical cells.
Zeitraum5 Juli 20228 Juli 2022
Ereignistitel15th European SOFC & SOE Forum
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