Verification of a simulation model to predict the transmission behavior of hydrostatic bearing on machine tools

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Hydrostatic Bearing in machine tools are used for qualitative highest demands. On one side, they are used in precisions machines, for example in grinding machines, to get a high precision a highest quality in the production. On the other side, they are used in machines with high forces during the production process. Generally hydrostatic bearings are characterized by a good damping behavior and a good stiffness of the bearing. To predict the transmission-behavior of hydrostatic bearings a simulation model was developed. The model considers different geometries of the bearing and also different kinds of fluid supply. To predict the transmission-behavior of the bearing it is possible to apply forces and accelerations in the simulation model. In this work is the verification of the simulation model by measurement of a hydrostatic test bench is presented. By the verification of the model it should be possible to dimensions hydrostatic bearings and adjust the transmission-behavior to the working process of the machine tool.
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