Design Montag & S.DREI Architektur

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Zeitraum23 Jan. 2012




  • TitelDesign Montag & S.DREI Architektur
    Medienbezeichnung/OutletVisual Impressions | Architecture and Art in Public Space in Graz
    Datum der Veröffentlichung23/01/12
    BeschreibungLeykam Buchverlagsgesellschaft m.b.H.| In this book, the author sets up visual images of the town in three sections, some more, others less known to the broader public. She presents us with images from the heart of the old town heart, gives examples of Graz’s modern architecture and in the end offers a very interesting review of art interventions in public spaces. One project of Armi Stocker is presented in the book as well as a short notice about his former architecture office "S.DREI Architektur".
    PersonenArmin Stocker