Anwendungen von Satellitenkommunikationssystemen für Tele-Medizin und Tele-Ausbildung

Projekt: Forschungsprojekt



Satellite communication systems are an indispensible tool for areas with inadequate telecommunications infrastructure. Advantages are the inherent broadcast capability, high bandwidth, reliability and flexibility in network expansion. Small transportable terminals can be made operational in very short time. Within this research activity possible applications for satellite communication systems are investigated and demonstrated. For example, the combination of satellite communications and advanced informatics technologies enables the establishment of efficient tele-medicine systems. Patients‘ vital data (e.g. electronic X-ray and computer tomography images) can be transferred at high speed to medical expert centres. High-quality video conference services facilitate the exchange of opinions among physicians to decide on further medical procedures. Equivalently, satellite communication systems enable a fast set up of E-Learning and Tele-Education network infrastructure. Another example, where communications satellites can also play an important role is in case of emergencies or natural disasters. This is not only true for developing countries, but also for highly developed regions.
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