Austrian Geoid 2007 - GEOnAUT - Data fusion of satellite an d terrestrial gravity data for the prupose of an improved Austrian Geoid

Projekt: Forschungsprojekt



The main objective of this project is the computation of a combined geoid and gravity field model for the Austrian territory, incorporating on the one hand terrestrial gravity data, and on the other hand satellite-related data from the dedicated gravity field missions CHAMP and GRACE, which shall stabilize and thus considerably improve the solution, particularly concerning its medium and long wavelength content and by reducing systematic effects such as biases and tilts. The main benefits of such an improved geoid model are the height determination (e.g., in the framework of civil engineering projects), which can be achieved by means of GPS levelling, replacing the elaborate and expensive work of classical levelling, and the unification and verification of the national levelling network, which can be incorporated into a globally unified height system. The project "The Austrian Geoid 2007" covered the following main tasks: Fusion of satellite data from the gravity field satellites CHAMP and GRACE for the purpose of a combined satellite-only global gravity field model; Acquisition and preparation of terrestrial data (gravity data, height model) for the Austrian territory and its surroundings; Investigation, implementation and assessment of methods to compute a combined solution of terrestrial and satellite gravity data; Computation of an improved Austrian geoid model, incorporating regional terrestrial and global satellite data.
Tatsächlicher Beginn/ -es Ende1/04/0630/06/07


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