EU - HaeMOdel - Mathematical Modelling for Haemodynamics

Projekt: Forschungsprojekt



Mathematical and numerical models together with computer simulations are playing an increasingly more relevant role in biology and medicine. The mathematical and numerical investigation of blood circulation, has only been energetically pursued for a few years, but is destined to become one of the major mathematical challenges of the next decade. Many fundamental issues have still to be fully understood. Blood flow interacts both mechanically and chemically with vessel walls, giving rise to complex fluid-structure interactions whose mathematical analysis is still incomplete and which are difficult to simulate numerically in an efficient manner. Part of the medium to long term outcome of this research will be the use of numerical models of vascular flow within simulators for use as training systems. A similar perspective could also provide design indications concerning the realization of surgical vascular and cardiovascular operations. A major future application of this research would be the integration of numerical simulation in disease diagnosis procedures to complement information provided by medical imaging and other non-invasive means. This project involves several European teams active in different aspects of numerical modelling of the cardiovascular system: Politecnico di Milano; cole Polytecnique Fderle de Lausanne; Imperial College of Science,Technology and Medicine, London; INRIA, Rocquencourt and Universit Paris-6; Instituto Superior Tcnico, Lisboa; TU - Graz Notice: Prof. Perktold is still partner in this project.
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