EU - PENDANT - Pan-European Co-ordinated Accident and Injury Databases

Projekt: Forschungsprojekt



The project will provide new levels of crash and injury data to support EU vehicle and road safety policy making by developing two new European data systems. The first will be collected in eight countries and will contain in-depth crash and injury data relating to over 1100 injured car occupants and pedestrians. The second information system, will utilise hospital injury data relating to all road user types that already exists in three EU countries. These separate databases will be linked to a range of police, vehicle registration and driver licensing databases using new statistical procedures that will be developed during the project. Together with existing EU funded projects including CARE, SARAC, MAIDS and EACS, these datasets will provide a comprehensive picture of all of the key aspects of accident and injury causation in the EU. There will be a qualitative and quantitative level of co-ordination between CARE and the two new data systems, together they will provide a powerful and complementary data resource. CARE will provide a low level of detail (around 40 fields) of the accident circumstances for every EU injury accident. The hospital data (WP 3) will give a medium level of detail on injuries for selected samples involving large numbers of all types of road user. The in-depth data (WP 2) will be able to explain the causation mechanisms of injuries of car occupants and pedestrians with a high level of detail (over 400 fields) relating directly to vehicle regulation. Together the two new data systems will provide a resource for vehicle safety policy that is missing from existing systems
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