GEN-AU BIN II - Bioinformatics Integration Network II

    Projekt: Forschungsprojekt



    The goal of the project is to maintain, expand, and continuously improve bioinformatics infrastructure, and to create and apply bioinformatics solutions to special requirements emerging from the national genomics and proteomics projects. Efforts are concentrated on the development and use of computational tools for combined analyses of genome sequences, gene expression data, proteomics data, and 3D structural data. The network will focus on the provision of bioinformatics services, development of methods and tools, and training and education. Specifically, the aims of the Bioinformatics Integration Network II (BIN II) are as follows: To provide bioinformatics services and continuously enrich bioinformatics resources for the projects within GEN-AU. The existing backbone for bioinformatics services will be maintained, improved, and thematically extended. The databases,services, and systems will be adapted to emerging software technologies, frameworks and interfaces. Additionally, the services will be extended to include systems for specific proteomics technologies. The increasing amount and complexity of biological data reaching the limits of the available hardware makes it necessary to migrate to the next generation servers and computing clusters. To develop novel methods and create databases and software tools for the analysis of biological data generated in GEN-AU projects. The present databases and software tools for microarray data, RNA sequences, protein sequences, and 3D structures will be maintained and improved. The thematic nodes will be complemented by evolutionary sequence and proteomics data analysis.An integrated platform for quantitative proteomics will be developed, including tools for spectrum processing and detection of posttranslational modifications, storage and validation of results, and data mining tools for high-resolution mass spec data. To promote the development of bioinformatics and computational biology in Austria by providing education and training at the undergraduate and graduate level.
    Tatsächlicher Beginn/ -es Ende1/12/0531/01/09


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