GEN-AU GOLD (Genomics Of Lipid-associated Disorders): Expression profiling of mouse models of lipid-associated disorders

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    Objectives: The aim of our research program is to identify subsets of genes that are particularly relevant to the biology, diagnosis management, treatment, and prevention of lipid-associated disorders and to prioritize the information for further focused studies. We are concentrating our efforts on expression profiling of mouse models using cDNA microarrays and the creation and use of computational tools for combined analyses of genome sequences and gene expression data. Our plan to achieve those goals are outlined in the following specific aims. Aim 1: To establish a mouse cDNA microarray development and analysis component. We are installing a core facility to produce >1000 slides per year. The cDNA microarrays will be used to perform transcript profiling in mutant and disease mouse models. We will design and conduct microarray expression assays with the goal of elucidating patterns of gene expression associated with response to environmental stressors in mouse models. Aim 2: To establish a genomic information management system. We are developing an integrated system for storing and analyzing microarray data. The analytical pipeline includes modules for image processing, cluster analysis, sequence analysis as well as tools for storing and retrieving microarray data (see URL Aim 3: To establish an education and outreach component. To support this application, we will institute an education and outreach program.
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