GOCE (HPF) - GOCE High Level Processing Facility (HPF) - Execution of the High-Level Work Package 6000

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    GOCE is the first Core Earth Explorer satellite mission of ESAs Living Planet Programme. It will provide a detailed global map of the Earths gravity variations for use in solid Earth physics, oceanography, geodesy, sea level research and climatology. Detailed information about the satellite gravity gradiometry mission GOCE can be found at the web-site www.esa.int/export/esaLP/goce.html. Scientific data analysis will be carried out under ESA contract by a consortium of 10 European university and research institutes that join the European top expertise in this field (European GOCE Gravity Consortium, EGG-C). PI is the Technical University of Munich. The main goal is the development, implementation and integration of a decentralized software system for the operational scientific processing of GOCE data. During the first project phase ("Development Phase"), the software system has been developed, integrated and extensively tested under the Product Assurance of ESA. Subsequently, after the launch of GOCE the data of 2 or 3 mission operation phases of 6 months each will be performed. In the framework of this contract, the GOCE team Graz, a co-operation of the Institute of Navigation and Satellite Geodesy (TU Graz) and the Space Research Institute (Austrian Academy of Sciences), is responsible for the computation of an Earths gravity field model from GOCE data. The determination of approx. 70,000 parameters from several hundred million observations is a huge numerical task. For the rigorous solution of these large systems, parallel strategies on a PC cluster are applied. Additionally, for the purpose of a quality assessment of the GOCE solution in parallel of the mission, also fast iterative methods are applied to derive the large set of gravity field parameters in approx. one hour.
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