Hochspannungsisolierstoffe und -systeme

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The research and development activities relate preferentially to all types of liquid and solid high-voltage insulating materials and components. Especially due to investigations on oil/paper components, there are a lot of industrial test facilities (e.g. vacuum drying and degassing of large full size high-voltage power transformer components). An other topic refers to the ageing mechanism and long-term behaviour of mica epoxy insulating systems. Main emphasis is given to the physical behaviour of the electrical breakdown and flash-over processes within insulating materials and systems, including investigations on all prebreakdown phenomena (partial discharges). Material research deals with the evaluation of dielectric characteristics as well as the monitoring of ageing processes and the development of new diagnostic methods or devices. Tested insulating materials: · Insulating component made of paper, kraftboard and pressboard · Mineral and synthetic insulating oils · Epoxy bonded mica systems and outdoor insulation · Polyethylene and oil/paper systems for high-voltage cable
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