Long time effects and seepage behaviour in unsaturated embankments, rockfill dams and concrete dams

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The following main activities are planned: Experimental investigations (laboratory and field tests). Preparing a database from laboratory test und field measurements. Continuation with developing and evaluation of suitable numerical models for: seepage in unsaturated porous materials (soil, broken rock, concrete), mechanical behaviour of soils depending on saturation, degradation of weathered rockfill materials depending on saturation, cracking and crack propagation in concrete, including rheological effects and temperature. In order to take into account the complex interaction of different factors of influence the relevant aspects must be treated in an appropriate way by the corresponding disciplines, i.e. a multilateral co-operation is needed between the disciplines of Material Technology, Mechanics of Materials, Geotechnics and Hydraulic Structures. To this end it is necessary to enforce and extend the international contacts and build a network. Therefore the co-operation proposed for the next period will include partners from three additional universities: University of Innsbruck, Vienna University of Technology and Tsinghua University.
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