A Contribution to Optimized Data Exchange Supporting Automotive Bodywork Engineering

Alexander Kreis*, Mario Hirz, Severin Stadler

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Automotive manufacturers and suppliers are being challenged by increasing product variations, new drive technologies, the increasing significance of globalization and, at the same time, increased cost targets. In this way, the pressure exerted on the automotive industry requires the implementation of appropriate development and production measures. One important area includes the optimization of the entire vehicle body development process, which is to be supported by optimized data exchange processes between the different CAx environments. In order for this data exchange process to be optimized, the constantly changing boundary conditions in the area of body development must be taken into account. Additional challenges have to be handled in the supplier industry because different customer (car manufacturer) work with different data management strategies and tools. This paper introduces an optimized approach for data management between different CAD and CAE environments to support the entire vehicle body development process.
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FachzeitschriftComputer-Aided Design and Applications
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 1 Jan. 2020

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