Air pollution 01.2014 - 05.2020 (including COVID-19 lockdown) data from Graz, Austria

Mario Lovric, Kristina Pavlovic, Roman Kern, Stuart K. Grange, Matej Vukovic, Michael Haberl

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Air quality by means of NO, NOx, NO2, PM10, SO2 and O3 was measured at five sites in Graz, Austria (Süd (eng. South) - S, Nord (eng. North) - N, West (eng. West) - W, Don Bosco – D, Ost (eng. East) – O). In addition weather conditions like temperature, percipitation, relative humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction are added. The authors created binary temporal variables like weekday, month, season, year and day of year (numerical). The data consist of 2343 rows and 66 columns with a timestamp from January 2014 to May 2020 in a daily frequency. More details on measurement and the sites are available in Moser et al. [1] and [2]. The environmental data was provided by the Austrian government under the following license: CC-BY-4.0: Land Steiermark - __________________ [1] Moser F, Kleb U, Katz H (2019) Statistische Analyse der Luftqualitätin Graz anhand von Feinstaub und Stickstoffdioxid. Graz [2]
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 18 Juli 2020

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