CMT additive manufacturing of a high strength steel alloy for application in crane construction

Josef Plangger, Peter Schabhüttl, Tomaž Vuherer, Norbert Enzinger

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This work investigates the feasibility of manufacturing a near net shape structural part directly on a subassembly for application in crane construction without post-machining. Singleand multi-pass welding experiments, using the Cold Metal Transfer process (CMT), were executed to identify and verify suitable process parameters. The obtained parameters were then used to manufacture a wall structure and an optical measurement of the resulting geometry was performed. Mechanical properties of the all-weld metal in the as-built condition in different directions were determined. The results for tensile testing showed similar values to the filler material specifications and fracture toughness matched literature values, but a decrease of impact toughness was obtained. Although mechanical testing showed no significant anisotropy, hardness measurements showed the influence of the local temperature profile. Finally, strategies to manufacture a complex structural part were investigated. It was possible to establish a stable process to manufacture a section of the specified geometry in a first attempt. However, results indicate that there is still further work necessary to optimize this process and to investigate the influences on the mechanical properties of the final component.

PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 1 Juni 2019

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