Comparing two topology transformer hysteresis models derived from DC hysteresis measurements

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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the applicability of a direct current (DC) hysteresis measurement on power transformer terminals for the subsequent hysteresis model parametrization in transformer grey box topology models. Design/methodology/approach: Two transformer topology models with two different hysteresis models are used together with a DC hysteresis measurement via the power transformer terminals to parameterize the hysteresis models by means of an optimization. The calculated current waveform with the derived model in the transformer no-load condition is compared to the measured no-load current waveforms to validate the model. Findings: The proposed DC hysteresis measurement via the power transformer terminals is suitable to parametrize two hysteresis models implemented in transformer topology models to calculate the no-load current waveforms. Originality/value: Different approaches for the measurement and utilization of transformer terminal measurements for the hysteresis model parametrization are discussed in literature. The transformer topology models, derived with the presented approach, are able to reproduce the transformer no-load current waveform with acceptable accuracy.
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FachzeitschriftCOMPEL - The International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Frühes Online-Datum28 Feb. 2023
PublikationsstatusElektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung. - 28 Feb. 2023
Veranstaltung27th Symposium Electromagnetic Phenomena in Nonlinear Circuits: EPNC 2022 - Hamburg, Deutschland
Dauer: 28 Juli 20221 Aug. 2022


  • Transformer
  • non-linear systems
  • saturation
  • hysteresis
  • transient simulation
  • transient analysis

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