Dataset of fire tests with lithium-ion battery electric vehicles in road tunnels

Peter-Johann Sturm, Patrik Fößleitner*, Daniel Fruhwirt, Simon Franz Heindl, Oliver Heger, Robert Galler, Robert Wenighofer, Stefan Krausbar

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A set of five fire tests involving battery electric vehicles and conventional cars was performed in a tunnel. This data article provides the dataset of some of the determined parameters: air temperature, air velocity and heat release rate. The air temperature was measured at several locations and at different heights, distributed in the cross section of the tunnel. The velocity of the incoming air was also measured. The third parameter, the heat release rate (HRR), was calculated based on the enthalpy flow before and after the fire location. This parameter is important for characterizing the size of a vehicle fire.

The data provide a reference for the evaluation of BEV fires and could be taken as reference for further fire studies. They might be also of interest to research groups dealing with simulation applications, like three-dimensional CFD simulations.
FachzeitschriftData in Brief
AusgabenummerVolume 46
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 1 Feb. 2023


  • Battery electric vehicles
  • Fire tests

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