Hydropower Plant Ermenek - Arch dam contruction

Gerald Zenz*, Johannes Linortner

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An Austrian-Turkey Consortium is constructing the hydropower plant Ermenek in Turkey. The plant consists of an arch dam 220 m in height, a large grout curtain of 682000 m2, a 8 km long pressure tunnel, a power plant and appurtenant structures. Starting with a description of the general layout of the scheme the geological situation is explained The considerations and investigations for the design and construction of the dam's abutment are detailed The design steps and analyses for the arch dam structure are described. With the high abutment forces transmitted from the dam to the foundation rock the stability calculations for the abutment is concluded. To support the rock surface during excavation by blasting prestressed anchors are designed. The appropriate technical and economically favourable solution for the dam abutment excavation with prestressed anchors is successfully finished and the concreting work for the dam structure is starting.

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PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Okt. 2007

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