Integrated Numerical and Experimental Approach for the Battery Safety Evaluation of Electric Driven Motorcycles

Titel in Übersetzung: Integrierte numerische und experimentelle Sicherheitsbewertung von elektrisch betriebenen Motorrädern

Christian Ellersdorfer, Alessio Sevarin, Ernst Tomasch, Wolfgang Sinz, Arno Ebner, Nina Deitermann, Martin Forster

Publikation: Konferenzbeitrag(Altdaten) Vortrag oder Präsentation


Electric Powered Two Wheelers (E-PTWs) represent one of the last developed forms of mobility. The innovative match between the range and performance requirements of PTWs and the characteristics of an electric drive represents a strong advantage for this vehicle type in an urban environment. Nevertheless, the introduction of high energy batteries in the vehicles poses new possible dangers, among others, in case of crash. Numerous studies investigated this concern in case of passenger cars, however this research field is still in its early stages when it comes to electric driven motorcycles.
This study aims therefore to define general safety evaluation criteria for traction batteries of E-PTWs, which can also contribute to optimise their behaviour in case of crash, in particular without worsen the total functionality of the system. Due to the newness and amplitude of the investigation, different techniques of the modern vehicle safety research fields are used.
In-depth investigations of real accidents data are necessary in order to define critical load conditions for the traction batteries. Thanks to the descriptive static and computer-aided reconstructions of real accidents the probability of occurrence of representative motorcycle accidents for the Austrian accidents´ panorama was derived.
A campaign of complete vehicle crash tests was extrapolated from the defined real crash configurations with the goal of investigating their effects on the safety of the battery. The analysis of the results could ensure the safety of the battery and lead to the definition of experiments at single cell and battery level with the potential to eventually substitute some of the entire vehicle crash tests.
Moreover, through the results a non-linear explicit finite element model of the vehicle was build and validated, offering the possibility to increase the range of tested configurations and therefore ensure the overall safety of the design.
In conclusion, this study could amplify the knowledge of the behaviour in case of crash of traction batteries for electric driven motorcycles. Moreover, the developed approach could deliver important suggestions for the optimisation in future developments of the safety as well as the functionality not only of the traction battery but also of the entire vehicle.
Titel in ÜbersetzungIntegrierte numerische und experimentelle Sicherheitsbewertung von elektrisch betriebenen Motorrädern
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2016
VeranstaltungRicardo Motorcycle Conference 3.0 - Riding Future Technologies - Milan, Italien
Dauer: 7 Nov. 20167 Nov. 2016


KonferenzRicardo Motorcycle Conference 3.0 - Riding Future Technologies

Fields of Expertise

  • Mobility & Production

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