Metrological analysis of an ion current measurement system

Gabriel Gruber*, Markus Neumayer, Thomas Bretterklieber, Hannes Wegleiter

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For small engines in non-automotive powertrains the emissions share is already limited. The introduction and integration of ECU-systems for engine control and dedicated sensors in small engines are required. The ion current sensing technology could be a key enabler for next generation combustion diagnoses and maintenance of small engines. It is an add-on sensing system and aims on gaining knowledge about the combustion process from the ion current signal. In this paper we present an analysis of an ion current sensing system from a metrological point of view. We investigate the impact of the ignition system and the ion current sensing system on the ion current signal and calculate a measurement error. We present a potential parameter to characterize the combustion process independently of the instrumentation. The analysis represents a first approach on how to design robust ion current based ECU control systems.

Titel2021 IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium, SAS 2021 - Proceedings
Herausgeber (Verlag)Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
ISBN (elektronisch)9781728194318
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 23 Aug. 2021
Veranstaltung16th IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium: SAS 2021 - Virtual, Sundsvall, Schweden
Dauer: 23 Aug. 202125 Aug. 2021


Name2021 IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium, SAS 2021 - Proceedings


Konferenz16th IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium
OrtVirtual, Sundsvall

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  • Artificial intelligence
  • Angewandte Informatik
  • Maschinelles Sehen und Mustererkennung
  • Instrumentierung


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