MVAC XLPE Cables for MVDC – DC Conductivity of Plaque Samples During Temperature Changes

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The rising demand for electric energy poses increasing
challenges for the distribution grid. To overcome these
challenges, direct current (DC) transmission will play a
dominant role in the medium voltage (MV) level. On the
one hand, MV alternating current (AC) cable systems can
be converted into MVDC cable systems and, on the other
hand, new MVDC cable systems can be implemented
into the existing grid.
However, MVDC cables with extruded insulation show
special phenomena (e.g. space charges). Due to the
interest in characteristics of this insulation this paper
provides information about the DC conductivity of XLPE
plaque samples during steady thermal and electric stress
and during temperature changes. The plaque samples are
extracted from 12/20 kV MVAC XLPE cables. The DC
conductivities at steady state and during temperature
changes are presented in a temperature range from
25 °C – 90 °C and an electrical stress up to 30 kV/mm.
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 14 Juni 2022
Veranstaltung27th Nordic Insulation Symposium - Trondheim, Norwegen
Dauer: 13 Juni 202215 Juni 2022


Konferenz27th Nordic Insulation Symposium


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