On interval decomposability of 2D persistence modules.

Hideto Asashiba, Mickaël Buchet*, Emerson G. Escolar, Ken Nakashima, Michio Yoshiwaki

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In the persistent homology of filtrations, the indecomposable decompositions provide the persistence diagrams. However, in almost all cases of multidimensional persistence, the classification of all indecomposable modules is known to be a wild problem. One direction is to consider the subclass of interval-decomposable persistence modules, which are direct sums of interval representations. We introduce the definition of pre-interval representations, a more natural algebraic definition, and study the relationships between pre-interval, interval, and thin indecomposable representations. We show that over the “equioriented” commutative 2D grid, these concepts are equivalent. Moreover, we provide a criterion for determining whether or not an nD persistence module is interval/pre-interval/thin-decomposable without having to explicitly compute decompositions. For 2D persistence modules, we provide an algorithm for determining interval-decomposability, together with a worst-case complexity analysis that uses the total number of intervals in an equioriented commutative 2D grid. We also propose several heuristics to speed up the computation.

FachzeitschriftComputational Geometry
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 1 Aug. 2022

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