Sound.Wood.Austria - selected measurement results of building components for multi-storey timber construction in Austria

Titel in Übersetzung: Sound.Wood.Austria. Ausgewählte Messergebnisse von Holzkonstruktionen für den Mehrgeschoßigen Holzbau in Österreich

Heinz Ferk*, Christopher Leh, Markus Mosing, Selina Vavrik-Kirchsteiger, Bernd Nusser

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With the increasing use of wood also for multi-storey dwellings, a wide variety of timber construction systems have been developed in Austria, of which in particular timber post and beam construction and solid timber construction in cross-laminated timber have become established. During the Internoise 2005, the first session on sound insulation in timber construction was initiated by Jean-Luc Kouyoumji. At that time, I was able to present first examples of multi-storey CLT dwellings in Austria. Today buiding with wood is a worldwide topic and there are still a lot of research questions, especially in the low-frequency range, in flanking transmission and optimization. Within the Sound.Wood.Austria research project, acoustic laboratory measurements of typical Austrian wood based building components were carried out in order to determine the effect of various design measures on sound insulation in a systematic approach and to
identify possible optimization potential. Exterior and apartment partition walls as well as apartment partition ceilings were investigated. In this talk, selected measurement results will be presented and discussed. The results stress the fact, that further research work and developments, preferably internationally networked, are desirable in order to exploit the acoustic potential of timber buildings in the sense of "Green Deal".
Titel in ÜbersetzungSound.Wood.Austria. Ausgewählte Messergebnisse von Holzkonstruktionen für den Mehrgeschoßigen Holzbau in Österreich
TitelProceedings Internoise 2022
UntertitelNoise Control in a More Sustainable Future
Herausgeber (Verlag)In Conference Ltd
ISBN (elektronisch)978-1-906913-42-7
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2022
VeranstaltungInternoise 2022: Noise Control in a more sustainable Future - Scotish Event Campus, Glasgow, Großbritannien / Vereinigtes Königreich
Dauer: 21 Aug. 202224 Aug. 2022


NameInternoise Proceedings


KonferenzInternoise 2022
Land/GebietGroßbritannien / Vereinigtes Königreich


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  • Holzbau
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