Time Sphere: Plant Life as Part of Architectural Design

Waltraud P. Indrist, Anamarija Batista

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The text Time Sphere. Plant Life as Part of Architectural Design by Anamarija Batista and Waltraud Indrist reflects and illustrates how plants become parts of architectural concepts in Modernity, what form of temporality they introduce, and how they invade ‘contemporary’ formations through selected case studies. The authors discuss the transformation caused by greenhouses and the manner in which modern architects, including Zdravko Bregovac, Hans Scharoun and others, incorporate plants and botany in their design processes. They also focus on the contemporary role of plants with regard to now abandoned and thus ‘empty’ architectural sites by studying the artistic works of Katerina Duda and Igor Eškinja.
TitelNotions of Temporalities in Artistic Practice
Redakteure/-innenAnamarija Batista
Herausgeber (Verlag)de Gryter
ISBN (elektronisch)9783110720921
ISBN (Print)9783110738032
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 18 Juli 2022


  • Hans Scharoun
  • Crystal Palace
  • Karl-Marx-Hof
  • Plants

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