A comprehensive workflow and framework for immersive virtual endoscopy of dissected aortae from CTA data

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When the intima, i.e. the innermost layer of the aortic wall, tears, blood enters and propagates between the layers causing them to separate. This is known as aortic dissection (AD). Without immediate treatment, an AD may kill 33% within the first 24 hours, 50% within 48 hours, and 75% within 2 weeks. However, proper treatment is still subject to research. By providing a deeper understanding of aortic dissections, this work aims to contribute to the continuous improvement of AD diagnosis and treatment by presenting AD in an immersive visual experience: Virtual Reality. Given an AD scan, relevant visual information is segmented, refined and put into a 3D scene, and further enhanced by blood flow simulation and VR user interaction. The implementation serves as a prototype and is considered to be extended by minimizing user interaction when new CT scans are loaded into VR (i) and by providing an interface to feed the visualization with simulation data provided by mathematical models (ii).
Period3 Dec 2020
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