Comprehensive broadband models of multi-layer ceramic capacitors

Activity: Examination or supervisionExternal supervision


Electronic based systems (EBS) consist of active and passive components as well as typically application specific integrated circuits. To describe the electromagnetic behavior of such EBS comprehensively in terms of digital twins – which is important for the system level design – models of those components are needed. The aim of the present thesis is the development of comprehensive model descriptions to characterize the electromagnetic behavior of so called multi-layer ceramic capacitors. Typically manufacturers of such devices provide measurement data in a specific frequency domain but often do not provide models to their devices which e.g. are used in the circuit level simulations. In the present thesis three different model descriptions on the circuit level have been developed and compared. Furthermore, a literature study on source term reconstruction has been conducted to describe also the parasitic electromagnetic field evoked by passive components.
PeriodFeb 2021Jul 2021
ExamineeMichele Vescovo