With a Little Help from 31P: Localized Hopping and Long-Range Li+ Transport in Argyrodite-Type Li6PS5I

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Site-disordered thiophosphates of the formula Li6PS5X (X = Br, Cl) are considered as the most promising solid electrolytes for all-solid-state lithium batteries with respect to their superior Li+ diffusion properties [1]. Also, for Li6PS5I, with its ordered anion and cation sublattices, 7Li (and 31P) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) measurements suggest rapid localized Li+ exchange processes. However, the missing site disorder in Li6PS5I prevents fast long-range ion transport as verified by conductivity spectroscopy [1]. We compare results from 31P spin-lock NMR measurements with recent results from 1/T1ρ 7Li NMR experiments [1] to shed light on the pronounced bimodal diffusion behaviour seen in Li6PS5I. The observation of 31P via NMR offers a new perspective to look at ion diffusion within solids. The influence of rotational jump processes of the PS43- polyanions on Li+ dynamics (and vice versa) is discussed as well [2,3]. In conclusion, site disorder in the Li6PS5X family is the key property necessary to understand the extraordinarily high ionic conductivities seen in the samples with X = Br, Cl [4].

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Period5 Jul 2021
Event title11th International Conference on Diffusion in Materials: DIMAT 2021
Event typeConference
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Degree of RecognitionInternational