K1 MET – Competence Center for Excellent Technologies in Advanced Metallurgical and Environmental Process Development (98414)

Organization profile

Within the scope of this industrial network of technological know-how, research and development projects will be carried out in the following technological topics: - ZERO WASTE processing in metallurgy - Evaluation and optimization of metallurgical input materials - Modeling, simulation and automation of metallurgical processes - Development and optimization of refractory material for metallurgical processes - New casting and refining methods for metallurgical processes - Problems of processing and selection of materials for metallurgical processes. The goals of KnetMET are: - Improving the expertise for the development and advancement of metallurgical technologies and the related plant engineering (research program) - Implementing the expertise for the optimization of production processes and development of new, marketable products and plant engineering - Increasing the technological know-how basis and the competitiveness of all partners concerned through: - Networking and complementing the development potentials of VAI, voestalpine Stahl, voestalpine Stahl Donawitz, VEITSCH - RADEX, universities and research centers in the research program of KNET MET - Establishing a new R&D infrastructure - Cooperating with highly qualified suppliers (largely small and medium-sized business) Subject areas: Eisenhüttentechnologie; Feuerfeste Baustoffe; Gießereitechnologie; Hüttenwesen; Metallkunde; Metallurgie; Rohstoffrückgewinnung (Recycling) Funded by: BMWA (Austria) Contact: Panajiotis.Matzawrakos@vai.at For further information please see: http://www.vai.at or ........... (under construction)