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Prof. Aurenhammer has been Editor of the Special Issue for the 8th Ann. ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry 1992. Intern. Journal of Computational Geometry and Applications, vol.5 (1&2), 1995. Main Lecturer at the Summer School on Computational Geometry, Leonardo Fibonacci Institute, Trento, Italy (June to July 1992). Main Lecturer at the Summer School on Computational Geometry, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan (June to July 1996). Short Description: This team main research activities concern theoretical and applied problems in computational geometry. Research topics include geometric algorithms and data structures, combinatorial geometry, geometric optimization, and graph algorithms. Emphasis is on both, the investigation of geometric objects as a basis for novel and theoretically efficient algorithms, and on the implementation and practical comparison to existing methods. Key words are Voronoi diagrams, triangulations, hypercubes, and geometric clustering. Further Informationen about Prof. Dr. Franz Aurenhammer one can find at https://www.tugraz.at/institutes/igi/team/prof-aurenhammer/.