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Our research is mainly aimed for identifying taste- and odor-active molecules in food and goods of daily use and answering the question: "Why smells our food like it smells?". Only the combination of sensory and instrumental analytical techniques permits us to answer these complex problems. The so called "sensory testing" leads to the acquisition of the entire sensory properties of a sample. It's a scientifically accredited test method, where trained persons are used as "standardised and validated instruments" for testing the samples by using all their senses. In order to ensure the objectivity the tester works in groups with adequate or standardised tests, like difference tests, rankings or descriptive methods and the results are evaluated by statistical methods. Using highly specialised and sensitive instrumental methods the total aroma of food or goods of daily use will be separated into its single components. Gas chromatography with different detectors is frequently used to identify and quantify the components. Instruments with high sensitivity are required to achieve the sensory response of human nose and tongue. Group-Leader: Erich Leitner