ÖVGW Benchm 08 - Stufe C - OVGW Benchmarking 2008 - Stage C

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Besides maintaining and further improvement of the high quality standards, economic optimisation of the Austrian water supply is the basis for the public funding situation, for the customer satisfaction (high water quality, supply safety, pricing and service) and for the ecological targets of a sustainable water supply. The method of benchmarking - the systematic comparison of enterprises by performance indicators - helps in finding the optimisation potentials by accounting the best water supply utilities as benchmarks for each performance indicator or each process within the water supply utility. The experience of these benchmark utilities in how they reached their leading positions shall serve as "best practices" for other water supply utilities. Within this project the corporate benchmarking activities are being continued after the successful exercise of Stage B (72 participants, 50 % of Austrian water supply). For further information please see the project website www.trinkwasserbenchmarking.at
Effective start/end date1/06/0830/11/09


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