15_VSF_moTFas - Influence of modern safety and driver assistance systems on the traffic safety of motorized two-wheelers

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At first relevant accident types are assessed according to Statistics Austria. In an in-depth analysis of the accident database CEDATU these accident types are enhanced by further parameters, e.g. velocities, reaction times, trajectory, etc. to define detailed scenarios. These identified scenarios will be simulated under the assumption that the two-wheeler is equipped with an ARAS. The driving license education scenarios are compared with the identified scenarios from the in-depth analysis and, if appropriate, extended. The scenarios will be evaluated by two-wheelers with and without ARAS. At the same time, the settings of two-wheel-linkers are raised to risks and their acceptance, as well as use of ARAS (focus groups, online survey). The calculation of the benefit of ARAS as well as recommendations are made from a totals evaluation (simulation, driving course, survey).
Effective start/end date1/01/1730/09/18


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