15_VSF_TUNE_IT - Mopedtuning - The lure of the screw: Motivation - Possibilities - Impact

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The reasons for "tuning" the mopeds are raised, whereby access to the target group is to be facilitated by the fact that young people are involved in the provision of information and design. Since young people are communicating at an equal level ("young people ask young people" - peer group approach), a corresponding feedback should be obtained and a well-founded evaluation possible. The possibilities of "tuning" are raised and the consequences on case studies are shown. In doing so, documents are to be developed which can be used both in teaching (physics, mathematics, etc.), as well as in education, training and public relations. By collecting and highlighting the risks relevant to safety as well as the legal consequences, not only the young people but also the adults are to be sensitized to the topic.
Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/18


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