22_VSF_NEWTON - In-depth analysis of truck and bus accidents and derivation of accident prevention measures

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Within the scope of this project, different databases (e.g. CEDATU database for in-depth analysis of traffic accidents, AIT accident database, infrastructure, weather and traffic count data) will be intersected (see WP2) and analyzed using various methods of similarity analysis and statistical pattern recognition and data mining (see AP3/AP4) to identify potential hazards and risk situations. For this purpose, a sample of heavy traffic accidents will be analyzed in detail by means of accident reconstruction. Here, accidents are divided into a pre-collision, collision and post-collision phase and certain indicator values are determined for each phase. Subsequently, (risk) factors are derived, which have a causal are derived which have a causal influence on the accident.
Effective start/end date1/01/2230/09/23


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