A1T2 - LEC - Potential of Direct Gas Injection for Pre-chamber Combustion

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Modern, highly efficient large gas engines usually make use of a scavenged pre-chamber combustion concept that includes either a pressure controlled or a mechanically controlled pre-chamber gas valve. These standard gas valves offer only limited possibilities to influence the scavenging process. At present, no adequate, reliable electronically controlled injectors are available. An electronically controlled pre-chamber gas valve would allow more possibilities for adjustment e.g. duration of injection, start of injection and multiple injections. Appropriate control strategies can be used for cylinder balancing and adjustments due to varying fuel quality. The goal of the project is to evaluate the potential for improved engine performance and optimization of the combustion process using electronically controlled PC gas valves. The scope of work on TU Graz side is: • Investigation of possible injection strategies and injector applications using 3D-CFD simulation • Detailed analysis of measurements using 3D-CFD simulation
Effective start/end date1/04/1531/12/16


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