Accompanying Measures to Fair Flow Europe 4 Directed to Incoming Countries (FFE TO CEC)

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The aim of the project is to inform the incoming countries (CEC) about results and experiences of previous Flair Flow Europe project research and to disseminate information by the tool of workshops. Compilations of the topics will be distributed additionally by printed proceedings. Target groups for the workshops are especially SMEs, health professionals (HP) and consumer groups. As a result of this the new participants in FFE-4 are able to close the gap in knowledge and research to the other EU member countries. The newly incoming EU members (Slovak republic, Czech republic, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary) are members of FFE-4 at the moment. As it is the first time they are included in the dissemination and information network system, it is necessary to overcome the gap between the EU members and the incoming ones regarding information and dissemination in their own countries. To speed up this process, workshops about hot topics are planed for SMEs, health professionals and consumer groups to record the results of previous EU research projects. Two of the following topics can be chosen by each of the mentioned incoming countries: HACCP, Hygiene in the factory, Functional Food, Chemical Food Safety, The Cold Chain, Probiotics, Food Quality and Organic Farming, Food Additives. not assigned KP: Prof. Dr. Werner Pfannhauser
Effective start/end date1/12/0130/11/04


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