Advanced Chain Welding (JOIN4+ 2.3)

Project: Research project

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Resistance welding is the traditional manufacturing process for chains. Due to limited competition of the machine designers no significant improvements were achieved in previous decades. Since insufficient quality only can be determined after finishing the product the associated costs are very high. Major problem is the reliability of the process since process control is very limited. As a result, customers have to accept very high costs of quality assurance. This project deals with improvement of chain manufacturing process by means of two different approaches: Better control of actual process: the most significant parameters will be isolated and their influence on the joint quality has to be understood, described and quantified. Based on that information a system will be set-up to control the major variables to enable the determination of chain quality at least after the welding itself by the judgement of parameters. Therefore quality control costs are significantly reduced, leading to higher yield and lower costs based on scientific approach. Development of new friction welding process: understanding joining mechanism and frictional behaviour in friction welding of high strength and case-hardened steel in more detail and establishing functional relationship between process parameters.
Effective start/end date1/06/1031/05/14


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