Aerosols in Fixed-bed Biomass Combustion - Formation, Growth, Chemical Composition, Deposition, Precipitation and Separation from Flue Gas (BIO-AEROSOLS)

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    The project focused on the investigations of problems related to aerosols and fly ashes in fixed-bed biomass combustion systems namely particulate emissions and deposit formation. Characteristics and the behaviour of aerosols were investigated considering different biomass fuels (bark, wood chips, waste wood). Test runs at a pilot plant and a large-scale CHP-plant including aerosol, fly ash and deposit sampling with subsequent chemical and SEM/EDX analyses were performed to provide information about particle size distribution, shape and chemical composition of aerosols and fly ashes. Based on this data, the mechanisms for aerosol and fly ash formation were investigated by mathematical modelling. Additionally, CFD were used to describe aerosols and fly ash deposit formation in furnaces and boilers. This knowledge was applied as a basis for investigations concerning aerosol precipitation and reduction of corrosive deposits. To optimise ESP and baghouse filters, an aerosol database was worked out and concerning small-scale combustion units, the rotational particle separator, an innovative dust separator, was investigated concerning its applicability. Moreover, additives injected into the furnace in order to influence formation, growth and chemical composition of aerosols were tested. Finally, the ecological and health risks of aerosol emissions from biomass combustion were evaluated and compared to aerosol emissions from other sources.
    Effective start/end date1/03/0028/02/03


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