Airwatch - Aerial-supported admission system and monitoring system for application scenarios relevant for security [Original in Deutsch: Luftgestütztes Aufnahme- und Überwachungssystem für sicherheitsrelevante Einsatzszenarien]

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AIRWATCH is building on results of the KIRAS project PUKIN and aims at development of an airborne command support system mastering rescue and relief operations after emergencies and catastrophies (e.g. floods, forest fires). New, multispectral sensors will be integrated into the DA 42 MPP twin-engine aircraft. The correlated data pre-handling, communication and processing method will be further developed in close cooperation with the public user. Key of innovation is a role-based common operational picture with an integrated management system. It follows the principles of governmental crises and disaster management. Tactical measures, situational awareness, permanent monitoring, in-time evacuations and reporting throughout all phases of flood management will be permanently supported from airborne platforms. Communication to and among first responders as well as reality checks in actual operations are key components of AIRWATCH as they provide for new and beneficial capabilities. The role of IKS is the development and implementation of an advanced air-to-ground communications link system. Automatic tracking antennas enhance link distance. Efficient communications protocols provide reliable communications under various flight conditions.
Effective start/end date1/10/1130/09/14


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