Amoree - Aluminium and magnesium processing optimisation with special respect to resource and energy efficiency

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From the materials point of view, lightweight research and development is focused on two light metals: aluminium and magnesium. Both metals take centre in the AMOREE project. In a close cooperation with important partners from the Austrian light metal industry and with scientific organisations, particular topics will be investigated along the process chains in order to improve material properties as well as to improve the sustainability. That means that the energy efficiency has to be increased and the environmental impact has to be reduced clearly. The practical research in optimised microstructure, crystallisation in the metal structure, at alloying, casting, forming and extrusion of light metals is a main part in both areas of the project. In order to improve the material properties numerical material models have to be also developed for customised material and component characterisation as well as alloy development and optimisation. Integrated numerical material modelling with respect to solidification, phase transformations and microstructure development are essential as well as the development of advanced material characterisation methods. In particular the scope of Amoree, which is structured into several sub-projects, is the light metal research with focus on aluminium and magnesium. Specific subjects will be investigated along the process chains and research will be related to optimised microstructures. Microstructure development of the metal structure at alloying, casting, forming and extrusion of light metals will be explored by numerical and experimental methods as well. The project goals are: Improvement of material properties as well as improvement of sustainability Clearly increasing the energy efficiency, clearly reducing the environmental impact of materials processing Integrated numerical process modelling including mechanics of liquids and solids thermomechanics and microstructural analysis with respect to solidification, phase transformations and microstructure development Development of advanced material characterisation methods Validation of numerical models by experimental investigations with laboratory infrastructure Improvement and new processing technologies for light metals The industrial partners in the project, consisting of large, medium and small enterprises are AMAG rolling GmbH, AMAG casting GmbH, Ranshofen, Hammerer Aluminium Industries Extrusion GmbH, Magna Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik AG & CO.KG, HPI High Performance Industrietechnik GmbH, non ferrum GmbH, M-A-S Maschinen- und Anlagenbau Schulz GmbH, most of them well established in the light metal branch. All industrial partners are Austrian companies with an emphasis on Upper Austrian Light metal enterprises. The project consortium will derive a benefit from the scientific network, which also consists of Austrian and European organisations. The related activities target long-term partnerships with the production industry of semi-finished products and manufactures of sub-assemblies. Amoree will establish new partnerships between both industrial as well as scientific partners.
Effective start/end date1/07/1430/06/18


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