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The Institute takes part in a platform for the exchange of R&D in the field of clean and sustainable production between Asia and the EU. The discussion and development of new approaches, especially on an international level and including a broad basis, needs the backing by an adequate organisational structure. According to the ASEM S&T co-operation strategy, the Community is interested in supporting the building up of a concise framework of co-operation and stimulating future technological and scientific collaboration in the field of CSP between the two continents. This project has a platform structure in order to assure the bi-regional and multi-level networking on CSP, to boost the international scientific discussion and to carry out concrete activities within the framework of existing S&T agreements. Goals: - Stimulate future technological and scientific collaboration in the field of CSP between the two continents - Develop, in a process of discussion and exchange, sustainable technology scenarios for the future and derive necessary short term activities - Identify factors for improving the interaction between researchers, enterprises, public authorities, regulators or standardisation bodies and other relevant CSP stakeholders - Develop the building up of institutional capital (durable and intense bi-regional partnerships of, e.g. existing roundtables and organisations, governmental institutions, financing organisations…) and human capital.
Effective start/end date1/01/95 → 31/01/03


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