ASSpC - Advanced and Sustainable Sprayed Concrete

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The technology of the shotcrete in tunneling and underground mining has in Austria in connection with the "New Austrian Tunnelling Method" NATM a traditionally developed over the years with a high quality standard. Austrian companies are leaders in your application and thus successful international. Today new demands are in the foreground, especially a few years ago often underestimated (aggressive) environments in tunnels will increasingly lead to earlier than expected damage anddurability problems. Of which is affected not only the shotcrete, but the entire structure. This means for the operators and users of underground infrastructure constructions (tunnels, galleries, shafts, piping, etc.) are increasingly difficult to calculate risk, to invest limitations in the availability and in case of damage in a very costly repair measures. The technical objectives are the development of shotcrete with high durability, both for repairs and for new buildings. In this resources should be used efficiently and stustainable the context of sustainable development and climate change. This object is combined by the term "ASSpC - Advanced and Sustainable Sprayed Concrete". To achieve this overall objective, it is first necessary to develop recipes, in intermediate steps to put them into spray tests and parallel to define test method for assessing the durability as well as to investigate basic response and damage mechanisms. They may not depart the robustness of the mixtures in the application, nor the high propulsive power are endangered in the tunnel.
Effective start/end date1/07/1630/06/17


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