AZM - Active Condition Monitoring of drinking water systems

Project: Research project

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The research project deals with the issue of model-based leak-containment in drinking water networks. Drinking water distribution systems consist of a large number of hydraulic components and are typically monitored only by a small number of measurement devices. The hydraulic system therfore is underdetermined. The focus of the project is the reconstruction of the hydraulic status based on sensor signals and the use of statistical mathematics. Including a priori knowledge about expected system conditions (for example, damage forecast models, consumption monitoring, operation characteristics , ....) will be a central part of the mathematical model developed to localize leaks. One aditional aim of the project is to derive optimal solutions in terms of the required number and the optimised placement of hydraulic sensors in the water supply system.To verify the developed algorithms as well laboratory tests as field tests are held.
Effective start/end date3/12/1230/09/16


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