B04/T02 - Gesamtfahrzeug - Thermalmodellierung

Project: Research project

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The project is based on the predecessor project B04T02, with a scope in partial models (heat transfer and combustion models, thermal engine model & fluid circuit model). The scope of this project shall be seen in the extended development of models with a good transferability to other engines/engine concepts. In addition to already developed models for some areas (e.g. engine friction, engine control (ECU)) more adequate model-approaches are investigated. In this project the test-engine under consideration i turbo charged. Cause of this fact an additional model for the turbo charger unit has been to be developed. One target is defined as to increase the prediction -quality (quantitative measures) of thermal models. Another project target shall be seen in the development of practical measurement methods and processes and there optimization by DOE methodology, which should be applicable to the vehicle development process.
Effective start/end date1/04/0831/03/10


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