Basic Principles of Integral Structural Design

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    This study is a reaction to the actual developments in the construction process from the viewpoint of structural design: there is an increasing demand for system solutions that provide concepts for managing the complete life cycle of a building, from its initiation until its demolition and disposal. Terms such as "Integral Construction", "Integral Facility Management" and "System Leadership" characterize this integrative concept of construction. The introduction of integrative concepts in the construction process requires the development of integrative concepts in structural design: In Part A of this study, the emplacement of structural design in the "Integral Construction" concept is investigated. All activities that are related to the structural system of a building are presented under the introduced conceptual framework of "Integral Structural Design". This approach includes the idea of modelling the structure system not only for design purposes, but also for evaluating its performance during its entire design life. To achieve this, the model of the structural system will be calibrated, whereas appropriate parameters, that can be both reliably measured and calculated, will be defined. This model can then be used to predict the structural behaviour due to changes in loading of the structure, environment or structural deterioration and to specify the necessary measures.
    Effective start/end date1/01/9931/01/06


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