Baudokumentation Dankhar - Building Surveying of the Temple in Dangkhar, North India

Project: Research project

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The main purpose of the project is to generate an accurate and detailed record of the old monastic complex and to take its many aspects of architecture and design into equal consideration. The work consists of three parts. 1: the field research in Dangkhar to compile a detailed photographic documentation and digital measurement of the building (journey from 10th July to 11th August 2010). 2: the elaboration, documentation, and analysis of the collected material. 3: the long-term planning of the inventions based on the surveying and analysis of the building documentation. These package of measures will elaborate as a foundation for the restoration - as well for the architecture as - in cooperation with experts - for the paintings inside of the temple. Having worked on an accurate analysis and elaboration of the plans during the course of field research, the foundations were laid for an enhanced insight into the history and basic structure of the buildings, which was indispensable for the final analysis and structured elaboration of necessary preservation measures to guarantee the future existence of this unique cultural monument.
Effective start/end date1/07/1031/10/10


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