BDPocketCode - An arabic/paschto/dari-an Programming-Teaching-App for jungsters

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Right-to-left language support for Pocket Code. Young refugees from Syria or Afghanistan, where languages are used that are written from right to left such as Arabic, Pashto or Dari, can learn how to program their own apps directly on their smartphones. Since most teenage refugees own smartphones, and because no additional hardware is required, Pocket Code provides a sustainable, long-term and thus pragmatic way to let them acquire economically significant skills in a fun and easy way. The challenges posed by the project come, on the one hand, from the required long-term collaboration of developers who do not know about right-to-left languages with developers who are native speakers of Arabic, Pashto, or Dari, and on the other hand because right-to-left languages are not sufficiently supported on mobile phones compared to other languages.
Effective start/end date1/02/1731/01/18


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