Befliegung Deponie Grub - Koralmbahn Graz-Klagenfurt, contract section KAT2 section Deutschlandsberg - St. Andrä landfill Grub Befliegung Deponie Grub

Project: Research project

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The purpose of the project is to make photogrammetric record for specific periods of the landfill using the unmanned aircraft to determine volume changes between shots. The landfill, or parts thereof, shall be measured five times at intervals of about four to six weeks. The aerial surveys are coordinated with the staff of the ÖBB. The Aibot X6 V2 MUAV system from Aibotix ( in Kassel (Germany) is used in this project. The data collected and processed eventually yield a 3D point cloud, digital elevation models and orthophotos. The resolution and accuracy of the final results depend on the image resolution and the accuracy of the position.
Effective start/end date26/11/1430/06/15


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